Mike Seastrom has been dancing since 1960, and calling since 1963. Mike joined CALLERLAB in 1977, and has been Chairman of the Plus Committee as well as a regular presenter for various interest sessions and seminars at CALLERLAB conventions. Mike served on the Board of Governors from 1984 to 2003 and completed a two-year term as Chairman of the organization in 1994. He submits the monthly CALLERLAB Viewpoint articles to American Square Dance Magazine.

Mike actively teaches, calls, prompts contras, and includes country western and solo dances in his programs.He is a strong advocate for the Multi-Cycle Method of teaching new dancers and has a very successful program with the Valley Trailers square dance club every Tuesday evening.Mike records for Rhythm Records, is on the staff at the Rhythm Records Callers School, and helped produce an Introduction to Contra Dancing package for R & R Video, with the California Contra Callers Association.

Calling has given Mike the opportunity to travel extensively in the United States, and Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.He is currently planning a tour to Australia and a group trip to Costa Rica this year.

As a practicing dentist, calling is an avocation for Mike.He gets tremendous support from his wonderful and understanding staff and family.


TJ and Bruce Chadd

TJ began square dancing in 1975 with a teen group in Boise, Idaho, began round dancing in 1980. TJ has danced where ever she’s lived, spending time in North Carolina; Okinawa, Japan; and Utah before returning to her hometown of Boise, Idaho in 1991. It was while she was living in Okinawa in 1984 that a cuer friend handed her a microphone, some records and offering much encouragement, asked her to give cueing and teaching a try. A move to Utah in 1986 brought new clubs and opportunities for learning. In the Fall of 1991, after moving “back home” to Boise, Treasure Valley Rounds was formed.

Bruce caught the square dance bug in 1995 after attending a square dance on a blind date and sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else dance with his date all night. That fall he joined beginning classes at 3 different square dance clubs, determined not to sit on the sidelines ever again. They were introduced by mutual friends in 1996 and what started out as “just dance partners” turned into much more and they were married in April, 1999.


Bruce and TJ cue and teach phases II through V. Treasure Valley Rounds has grown from a single group of dancers to 3 groups: Basic Lessons on Tuesday evenings, Phase III-IV/Monday evenings and Phase IV-V/Thursday evenings. They also teach special dances and rhythms 2 Sunday afternoons each month. TJ began teaching in 1984. Since TJ and Bruce began teaching together in 1997, they have taught and cued at 3 National Conventions, 4 Roundalab Conventions and several USA West Square Dance Conventions. They have also had the pleasure of being featured cuers at several western states events including: Bakersfield Fiesta, Knothead Jamboree in West Yellowstone, Northern Utah Square Dance Association’s “Square-a-rama,” Utah State Square and Round Dance Convention, Yuma Square and Round Dance Festival, Alaska Mid-Winter Festival, Northern California Golden State Round-Up, Idaho State Square and Round Dance Festival, Baker City Spring Swing, Harvest Hoedown in Yuba City, CA, Washington State Square Dance Convention and “Fiesta de la Cuadrilla” in San Diego. They have also choreographed several round dances, having the honor of three of them being selected as ROUNDALAB Rounds of the Quarter ("Hope" Ph III Waltz, "All The Stars In The Sky" Ph II Waltz, and “Cheek to Cheek” Ph IV Foxtrot). 

Other Dance Activities

TJ and Bruce are 25 year members of ROUNDALAB, currently serving their first term on the Board of Directors. They also serve ROUNDALAB as Budget Officers and Chairs of the Phase III Round of the Quarter Committee. In addition, they serve on the Phase II and IV ROQ Committees.. At home they are members of the Boise Valley Square Dance Hall, having served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for 2 years and another 2 years in charge of schedulingandcontractingallactivitiesthatareheldattheHall. Locally,theyaremembersoftheIntermountain Square and Round Dance Association, serving in the past as Secretary, Vice President, President and Past President and the Idaho Federation of the Square and Round Dance Clubs. In 2002 and 2013 they were Directors of Housing and Registration for USA West Square and Round Dance Convention in Boise. Other dance organization memberships include International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association and Dixie Round Dance Council.


Bruce works fulltime as a local freight delivery driver at Yellow Roadway Corp. TJ spent 22 years as a Human Resources and Accounting Manager, the last 9 of those years with Marriott Hotels in Boise. She had the pleasure of retiring from fulltime employment in October 2009.


When not involved with dancing (or working), they enjoy traveling, fishing, paper crafting, reading and spending as much time as they can with their families (including 10 fun is that!). 

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